EasyClean – Probiotic

Clumping Cat Litter

EasyClean Probiotic is the original clumping multi-cat litter with Probiotic Technology to destroy odours at the source for 7 days odour free.

Safe, natural and effective – our proprietary process allows us to apply a natural non-spore forming ingredient (Bacillus Probiotic) to the cat litter during the manufacturing process, 1 Billion probiotic cells per 1 kg / 2.2 lb of litter to be exact, that are distributed evenly throughout the litter. This process ensures the desired levels of CFU remain on the end product in the correct ratio. This, plus the addition of tiny silica crystals, creates a Dual Action for a truly effective odour free litter box for a full 7 days!

Probiotics remain dormant until triggered by moisture in the litter, using the Probiotic Technology to unleash their attack on the odour causing molecules (Felinine) before the odour starts. This process on fecal matter dries out the feces and creates a hard shell/lump for easier scooping.

EasyClean Probiotic is not available in Canada at this time.

Available Sizes

5kg / 11.02lb poly bags
15kg / 33.07lb poly bags

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5kg / 11.02lb Bag




15kg / 33.07lb Bag




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